Design & Technology Intent

Provide a tailored, exciting Design and Technology curriculum which enables all children to become independent, creative problem solvers and thinkers as individuals and as part of a team. 

Our whole school knowledge, skills and vocabulary progression plans have been carefully created using the National Curriculum, EYFSP and pedagogy research from the D.A.T.A and STEM. These documents aim to ensure: 

  Children can use key vocabulary around the six principles of Design and Technology.

 Children build their knowledge and skills, increasing their depth of knowledge over time which means they can do more.

 Where possible, links are made across the curriculum so children are able to apply                  knowledge from other subject areas when designing and evaluating.

Access for all – full inclusivity.


To implement our vision for D&T, staff CPD will focus on the 6 Principles of Design and Technology and promote application of STEM learning. St Teresa’s will ensure resources are carefully selected to provide staff with the subject knowledge and stimuli needed to bring about best progress in all groups of pupils. 

For the academic year 22-23 (up until May 2023) each year group will study D&T for at least 2 half terms per year (2 units). See LTP & Foundation subjects LTP & Footnote below*.  

From May 2023, improvements were made to our curriculum planning to ensure greater coverage across the different areas of technical knowledge in D&T; Materials & Structures, Mechanisms, Electrical, Textiles, Food & Nutrition. 

*For 2022-23  additional curriculum time each week was needed to effectively implement Kinetic letters, Vipers (whole class reading comprehension)  and Mathematical Key Recall Facts. This is part of our commitment that every child achieves age related, or beyond in essential reading, writing and maths skills.  This decision included blocking Design & Technology, Art & design and Music lessons to facilitate core fluency is one that will be reviewed in July 2023.

Design & Technology Long Term Plan