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St Teresa’s Catholic Primary Academy is a school has a diverse population, with pupils who are British, Indian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, African to name but a few. The celebration of diversity is an important feature of our academy, whilst maintaining a strong Catholic Ethos

The Curriculum

St Teresa’s takes pride in providing pupils with ‘experiential learning’ opportunities. This is an important part of our curriculum. Each half term all pupils have either an off-site experience or a special event in school, around which a number of curriculum areas are linked – with the outcome of experience enriched extended writing. These opportunities are accessible to all through the use of pupil premium.  (See Policies page for Expenditure Report).

Parents receive a curriculum overview each  term which informs them of the topics to be covered with their children. This enables parents to do additional research and support at home. (See the documents at the bottom of this page for the curriculum information).

Reading is currently taught through synthetic phonics through the structured approach of Read Write Inc. This will also be used to support KS2 pupils who are below the expected level for their age. KS2 pupils are using the Bug Club reading scheme and are highly motivated by this. Parents can access level appropriate books individually selected for their pupils via the internet. The scheme also supports reading comprehension.

St Teresa’s Academy chooses to follow the National Curriculum in subject areas. KS2 pupils are taught French as a Foreign Language. The teaching of Physical Education is supported by the well established company Soccer 2000 (see Useful web links on Home page). Curriculum information can be found in the prospectus (see POLICIES page).

Following Year 6 many of our pupils choose to move on to St Edmunds Catholic Academy. We work in partnership with them all year round to ensure a smooth transition for pupils. There is a link to their website on the home page, where their newsletter can be accessed.

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