Children’s Mental Health Week 2021  1-7 February 2021


I am proud to  say that as a school community we will be taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week. While we cannot all be  together in the way that we would like, we have taken time to plan activities and events to  promote and mark this week that we hope families and staff will enjoy. The theme this year is ‘Express Yourself’ and we  will be encouraging our pupils, staff, parents and wider school community to explore the  different ways that we can express ourselves and the creative ways that we can share our  feelings, our thoughts and our ideas. Working at home means children’s mental health  has never been more important. We will focus on this in school. 

Inside out day – Tuesday 2nd February 

This day reminds young people to be kind always and think of others, as no one knows  how someone is feeling inside. On Inside Out Day everyone can wear an item of clothing  inside out. Children coming to school can wear their own clothes with 1 or more items  inside out! For everyone at home, join the virtual meeting online with your class to talk  about your inside out clothing and inside feelings.  

Wellbeing Wednesday – Wednesday 3rd February 

In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, we will be having a wellbeing day on  Wednesday. On this day there will be no live lessons and we are encouraging pupils to  have a screen free day. Various resources will be shared with your child to support this  event. 

We will be taking part in many activities throughout the week as listed on this website: 

Here are other things we would like parents to get involved in: 

Miles of smiles 

The Museum of Happiness is building a ‘Mile of Smiles’ made up of 1,760 community  stories, photos and happy memories of things we feel grateful for. The intention is to  connect, spread some smiles and share the power of gratitude, at what is a tough time for  the whole world. 

Take a photo of something that you are grateful for, or draw a picture, then take a photo.  Send them to your class email address, or to google classroom with a message saying ‘I  am grateful for…’ and, if you wish you can upload it to Social Media with this  tag: Let’s create a Mile of Smiles and make it a kinder, happier world  together! I nominate NAME. #milesofsmiles @museumhappiness. Don’t  forget to tag us on Twitter @StTeresasWV4

(If you are sharing on social media please do not include any face shots if you are under  16.) We will create a chain of smiles around our school, I wonder if we can make it stretch  around the entire hall? Which class will have the longest chain? 

Art projects 

Your class teacher is going to tell you about a project that you can get involved in as a  family at home or together with your classmates in school. Look out for information about  the project they choose for your year group. The idea is that we want to encourage family  learning and creativity and then see and share what you have made. 

Random Acts of Kindness 

We are challenging all parents, teachers and staff to do 1 act of kindness for someone  else this week to brighten their day! Let us know what you have been up to at home with  Random Acts of Kindness by texting, emailing or messaging us on Twitter  @StTeresasWV4